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Walking the dog, mountain biking, hiking or skiing, hunting, fishing or camping. Whatever your preference, the forest offers unparalleled contrast to the stresses of life. In winter, these 2.7 km trails form part of the Rosie Mayne Ski Trail network.


The original trail was a wagon and sleigh trail cut through the bush from the southeast corner of the town of The Pas to Fred Mayne's homestead on Grace Lake Road. Fred was a bachelor, well known to the local kids as they would often hike out there to visit him. Rosie Mayne is believed to be Fred's sister, but there isn't much really known about her.

This rustic trail was later turned into a cross-country ski route, still used today. In the mid-late1990's the area was developed further by the Atikameg Forest Centre and Manitoba Hydro's Forest Enhancement Program. They helped provide lighting, signs, plenty of educational materials (some still in use today) and funding to develop the trail.

Today, the trail is well maintained and developed by a group of volunteers passionate about wilderness exploration, education and wilderness protection. If you would like to help keep this trail running and providing new and fun resources to it's users, send us an email and we can help to connect you.

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